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Books Sold By The Author

Some books are only available from the author. There is no commission to be had by advertising these books, so if I rave about one it means I really like it. If I don't, I probably haven't read it.

If you are selling a Canadian gardening book online, contact me. I would be happy to add it to this list.

The books are listed alphabetically by title.


Acres Of Glass

Acres of Glass by Dale O'Hara

Growing Lavender

Growing Lavender by Christine Moore

Growing Roses In Calgary

Growing Roses In Calgary

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The Prairie Garden

This is an annual series of books about gardening on the prairies. In them you will find collections of articles from various experts giving advice about cultivation techniques and plant selection. Anyone gardening in a cold climate would appreciate these books. I have the one on roses and it is excellent.

The Rose Makers

The Rosemakers by Harry McGee

The Toronto Gardener's Journal & Source Book

The Toronto Gardener's Journal & Source Book by Margaret Bennet-Alder

This is a really great resource book written and sold by a really fantastic lady.

Canadian Gardening Books

Plants For Atlantic Gardens
Sugar Snaps and Strawberries
Thrifty, Living The Frugal Life With Style
Grow Great Grub
Incredible Edibles
Front Yard Gardens
Middleaged Spread
Canadian Vegetable Gardening
Ecological Gardening
Clueless In The Garden
You Grow Girl
Water In The Garden