Image Links

Thank you for considering placing an image link to this site on your own personal website. Feel free to use the images below to link to any page on

With Internet Explorer you should be able to right click on the image and then “Save As” to save it in your image files.

JPEG Images

PNG Images

PNG is a format that allows for a transparent background. You will be able to place it on a colourful page and it will look appropriate. Icons with rounded corners (chiclets) are usually always in PNG format.

  • <div align="center"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" height="100" width="100" border="0" alt="" title="Find more gardening blogs at!" /></a></div>

When you save this image into your files remember to save it as a PNG file. It can be saved as a JPEG, but this will change the background colour from clear to white, and if your background has a colour to it, the image will stick out. This will also allow you to change your background at any time without having to change the image placed on it.

Do your own thing!

If you are handy with photoshop (or similar program) and would like to create your own link to this site I would be delighted. Be creative! Let me help you get started.

  • The sky blue is #bfe2f9.
  • The grass green is #aed673.
  • The beige line is #f4f4e3.
  • is written in Ariel text.
  • The green text is #008000.
  • The black text is #000000.
  • The grey text is #808080.

Let me know what you have created and I would be happy to place it on this page for others to see and share.